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CarrierSoft Auto Transport Services ProviderCall Us Today


CarrierSoft has been providing auto transport software to the top performers of the auto transport industry for over a decade. Over the years we have consistently expanded and improved our product and continue to do so today.



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MegaBee, our auto transport software, provides a web based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for the auto transport industry.  MegaBee allows you to control your automated pricing, leads, quotes, and orders all from the same system. With more features than any other Auto Transport Software CRM solution, MegaBee stands out from the crowd with its customer support and easy to use interface.


At CarrierSoft, we ONLY generate leads for people that have requested information about moving their vehicle. We do not sell real estate leads, moving company leads, or any other type of lead. Our internet ads specifically target search terms like “auto hauling” or “move my car” which means people only come to our lead generation web sites if they are searching for a car moving company.


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MegaBee Top 7 Reasons

1. All in one and all online

100% web enabled, manage your business from anywhere at anytime. Electronic signing through Docusign or our own jSignature feature allow your clients to instantly finalize contracts, and complete integration with Paypal and ensure quick payment processing.

2. Seamless integration

of an online instant quote and order tracking form with your current website.

3. Automate your communications

for faster communications -- MegaBee instantly calculates and sends your quote emails based on mileage based pricing, and our bulk update feature allows you to emails to all your desired clients with a click of a button.

4. A complete solution

for leads, quotes, and order management that offers comprehensive pricing that can either be automated or tailored to your client with our pricing editors.

5. Easy to stay organized and up to date

MegaBee allows your to sort your quotes and orders by their priority status, and set follow up reminders to stay in contact with your clients at every step of the process.

6. Outstanding Customer service

Have questions or need help? Our team of experienced professionals is ready and able to assist you whenever you need it....We offer 24/7 support by experts who can help you at every step of the way.

7. Fast

7) We know you are busy running your company and don’t have time to wade through menus to get things done. A click of a button will get you all the info you need, like quote, order, sales agent, and lead source summaries, just to name a few. Can’t find what you need? Our quick search box will find it for you in no time!